Find The Place You Belong

At Coltrane & Overfield PLLC, our team believes that everyone deserves access to effective and budget-conscious legal aid. We help North Carolinians with legal issues at every stage of life, from finding your first home to creating strong, vibrant businesses.

Dedicated and professional real estate law aid in the Greensboro area.

We Are Excited To Welcome You Home

Coltrane & Overfield PLLC focuses largely on real estate law. One of the proudest moments for our legal team is when we help a client close title on their new home. We want you to have peace of mind while you begin the next phase of your life. We help our residential real estate clients feel confident in their new acquisition through our comprehensive real estate law services, including:

  • Ensuring property lines are clearly established before purchase
  • Reviewing titles and contracts to ensure you are treated fairly

Our firm also recognizes that many people are at different points in their residential journey. As a part of our commitment to helping build a stronger community in the Greensboro area, we offer a wide range of other residential real estate services. We are honored to help make your experiences as a homeowner, renter or landlord better.

How Can We Help You?

Our office provides a wide array of additional legal services to better accommodate your needs. With decades of experience and a passionate approach to the law, we take a proactive role in addressing your legal issues. Our office also provides:

  • Support for families through major life changes, including divorce, property division and child custody conflict
  • Aid for commercial property development, including zoning and municipal dispute resolutions
  • Comprehensive business law services, including establishing business structures, reviewing contracts and negotiating disputes

Our firm stands ready to guide you through your legal issues and create a strong and effective resolution tactic.